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Divorce Law

Hong Kong has become known as a place for ending marriages in recent years because of the booming number of divorce claims in the last decade. Many people blame the high pressure of living in the SAR as the catalyst for divorce, while others point to the materialistic nature of society. Regardless of the actual reason, the situation is clear, and the only real question is what people are going to do about it.


Divorce lawyers in Hong Kong have the task of performing a small balancing act every time they come in for work. They have the responsibility to fulfil the wishes of their clients, as well as create a solution that satisfies all the parties involved. A longer litigation process will never work in a client’s favour, since it will only escalate costs, as well as prolong the emotional and mental strain happening in the trial; making an expeditious process the best answer for everyone.


There can hardly be anything that can be considered as a successful divorce, but the divorce lawyers in Haldanes will do everything in their power to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. The happier everyone is upon the dissolution of the marriage, the easier it will become for everyone to live their post-married lives. That is the true goal of the proceedings – to end the union as amicably as possible.


Divorce lawyers need to know everything about the different aspects of divorce law, since they can include several important issues that both parties need to deal with moving forward. These aspects can incorporate matters such as child custody, property division, pre-nuptial agreements, as well as liquidation of certain assets. Different cases have specific and unique circumstances surrounding them, and they often need a quick and flexible mind to cope with all of them. This is exactly what the Haldanes law firm offers and our attorneys have enough experience to know how to reach a resolution that satisfies everyone.


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