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Haldanes is affiliated with Velletta & Company, a Canadian law firm with a focus on immigration, commerce and trade. This affiliation provides our clients with a high level of experience and cost effectiveness of dealing with a "single" firm. Velletta & Company are able to advise clients on the law relevant to immigration to Canada. Haldanes are able to be of practical assistance in Hong Kong.  Together, they provide services to entrepreneurs, investors, families, skilled workers and self-employed individuals who wish to immigrate to, or do business with, Canada.

Consistently ranked as one of the best places in which to live, Canada is well-known for its high quality of living and lifestyle choice of many. Amongst other things, Canada offers world-class universities and academic institutions which produce graduates sought after by employers. Many investors also select Canada as the country of choice in which to establish trade and business, and as a Pacific Rim gateway to North America. Canada is a vast and diverse country with Vancouver on the Pacific and Toronto, the financial capital, in the east.

In addition, Haldanes has 35 years of experience as a law firm in Hong Kong and utilises its experience to assist people who wish to make Hong Kong their new home.  We are able to liaise with immigration authorities, advise on the correct visa to be obtained on entering Hong Kong, and the processing of work permits where they are required. We are able to assist clients with the purchase of property and those that wish to find employment or investment in business are also welcome to seek guidance. We advise many companies on how to obtain employment visas for employees moving to Hong Kong to live and work.


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