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Money Laundering

As one of the premiere business and financial destinations in Asia, billions of dollars pass through Hong Kong banks and markets every day. The situation has given so much to the region in terms of global relevance and financial balance, but this also makes it vulnerable as a tunnel for money laundering. No one will notice thousands, or even millions of dollars or assets, in the midst of billions.

Authorities are cracking down on this illegal practice, but it is so widespread that even legitimate investors get caught in the net. People require protection from both false accusations, as well as banks who neglect to practice due diligence in monitoring cash flow, especially for international capital. Such protection requires people who understand the intricacies of international financing, as well as the minutiae of how legislation shifts across political boundaries, which is too much for most people.

Fortunately, Haldanes has exactly that – a collection of lawyers that specialise in various legal disciplines and knowledge of legislation in different countries across the Asian region. Our lawyers are equipped to handle any kind of money laundering case concerning both local and international capital. This is because they can easily navigate and monitor reports and statements even from outside Hong Kong to help establish a pattern and prove whether there was neglect on the part of the banks in practicing due diligence.

Finding a money laundering scheme in the ocean of assets that flows through Hong Kong every minute of the day is something that requires knowledge and experience that take years to refine properly. Gathering all the people that have the right skills that best tackle these challenges is the best thing any client, private or corporate, can hope for in this complex and heavily nuanced fight of finances.


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