Jun 2019

Andrew Powner was interviewed by SCMP on Hong Kong Extradition Bill and public protests

Hong Kong Extradition Bill and public protests – Our managing partner Andrew Powner was quoted about this important issue in the leading English language newspaper, the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

In his view, the Law Reform Commission (LRC) could play a neutral and constructive role to mediate between conflicting demands and interests of the community. “Sending the extradition question to the LRC is not sidestepping the issue. Rather, it is grasping it and dealing with it in the normal way for potential new legislation by allowing the usual consultation process to take place,” he commented.

He suggested this should have been done many years ago so that we could now be debating the outcome of several years of global research by the LRC, and Hong Kong could even set a precedent for other countries to follow.