ALB – Hong Kong Law Awards 2021 – Criminal Litigation Law Firm of the Year (Winner)

This year, we are delighted that we have been awarded the Matrimonial and Family Law Firm of the Year ALB Award.  Haldanes has also been awarded the ALB Criminal Litigation Law Firm of the Year award for a number of years.  Receiving two awards this year is truly gratifying and we would wish to thank our clients, our colleagues in the profession and ALB, for your trust and support.

Everyone at the firm has worked extremely hard, in stressful times, to help families navigate their differences in matrimonial law. In criminal law, our aim is to represent people facing criminal litigation with a mixture of  determination and compassion. Whilst two of our practices have been honoured with awards, we also wish to recognise the excellent work that is done by our civil and commercial departments, and we sincerely thankyou all.​