Dec 2018

Thomson Reuters UK – Sales & Marketing International Transaction Guide

We are proud to announce that Partner John McLellan, Associate Weiken Yau, Trainee Solicitors Patrick Lui and Vanessa Wong contributed to Haldanes’ update to the Sales and Marketing International Transaction Guide (the “Guide”) published by Thomson Reuters in the United Kingdom and circulated internationally.

The Guide is a practical guide to international sales and marketing containing step-by-step guide to various types of sales and marketing arrangements coupled with country-specific information. Haldanes addresses the Hong Kong section of the Guide in a Q&A form, covering a number of legal and practical issues surrounding sponsorship and marketing in Hong Kong, such as sponsor’s rights, intellectual property rights, ambush marketing, restrictions on sponsorship, sponsorship of charity and arts. The 2018 update to the Guide contains cross references to a template sponsorship agreement prepared by Thomson Reuters; and Haldanes addresses a number of legal and practical issues associated with the drafting of sponsorship agreement.

Haldanes is among various top-tier law firms to contribute to this publication. Our Commercial & Media and Entertainment team is experienced in advising corporate and individual clients on sponsorship and marketing issues, and media and entertainment work in general. (See also the earlier article of John McLellan published by the Asian Sponsorship Association titled Morals Clauses in Endorsement Contracts.

The Guide and the Hong Kong section of the Guide contributed by Haldanes are now available on the Thomson Reuters Practical Law website. You need to be a subscriber for Thomson Reuters Practical Law to access the publication.

For a copy of the 2018 update to the Hong Kong section contributed by Haldanes, please click the link below:

Hong Kong Sponsorship

* Reproduced from Practical Law with the permission of the publishers.
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