May 2019

Haldanes contributes to the Hong Kong Chapter in The Cartels and Leniency Review

The Competition Tribunal has handed down its judgements for first two cases last week, with respondents violating the First Conduct Rule under the Competition Ordinance due to bid-rigging, market sharing and price fixing.

On this heated topic, our partner Felix Ng, consultant Olivia Fung and associate Christina Ma contributed in the Hong Kong Chapter of the 7th edition of the Cartels and Leniency Review published by the Law Reviews in the United Kingdom, analysing the features, statutory framework and enforcement regime of the Competition Ordinance. Other aspects such as “Day One” response to the Competition Commission’s dawn raids, jurisdictional considerations and leniency programmes are also examined in the Chapter.

The Hong Kong Chapter can be viewed here.

The full guide can be viewed here.

For the press release of the Competition Tribunal, please view in this link.