Dec 2018

Jonathan Midgley & William Ahern in STEP Conference 2018

Hong Kong STEP 2018 Conference held November 20-21 was a sold-out affair. Haldanes provided the keynote speaker and the moderator for the panel speaker debate.

Jonathan Midgley, delivered the well-received keynote, on the subject of the growing threat to solicitor-client privilege and other long-accepted legal conventions in a world where such protections are more important than ever.

William Ahern moderated a lively and informative panel discussion, dissecting the issues raised in the keynote in the context of OECD proposals to compel legal advisors to make reports to tax authorities on their advice to clients on certain issues.

William Ahern also interviewed HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein about 900 years of his family’s fascinating history and what the delegates could learn from the princely families’ longevity.

For a copy of the conference program, please click here