Dec 2020

Law Week Community Talk 2020

As part of our ongoing efforts to serve the community through pro bono work and legal education, Haldanes participated in the Law Week Community Talk 2020 organized by the Law Society of Hong Kong.

In this event, our partner Felix Ng and associate Timothy Wan gave a webinar on common pitfalls in criminal law, covering topics from internet fraud, money laundering, corruption and bribery and driving offences.

Our partner Nathan Wong provided his insight to the public on the salient features of wills, enduring power of attorney and application for probate.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, these webminars attracted over 60 members of public to attend per session, with an interactive question and answer session thanks to modern technology.

A copy of our Powerpoint presentations can be downloaded below:

Written by:

Felix Ng


Nathan Wong

Partner, Solicitor Advocate

Timothy Wan


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