Aug 2022

New appointment for partner Geoffrey Booth

Congratulations to Haldanes partner Geoffrey Booth who has just been appointed to serve as Vice Chairman of the Law Society Criminal Law and Procedure Committee.

Geoffrey is no stranger to the committee having acted as its Chairman for several years in the 80s and 90s.

Geoffrey has been practising law in Hong Kong since 1979, representing clients in Criminal, Family and Civil Litigation matters at all court levels from  Magistrates Court, to the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong, the Privy Council in England as well as appearing for clients in military Courts-Martial.

Major cases he has acted in have included a great deal of international work and in Hong Kong, he has helped clients with investigations by the SFC, ICAC, CCB, Police, Customs & Excise, Immigration and other statutory bodies.

He was awarded Higher Rights of Audience for Criminal proceedings in 2013 and is listed in international guides as one of Hong Kong’s leading white collar crime lawyers and commercial mediators.

Written by:

Geoffrey Booth

Partner, Solicitor Advocate

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