Mar 2020

Nicholas Hemens is interviewed by SCMP on how coronavirus affects divorcing couples in Hong Kong

How coronavirus is hitting divorcing couples in Hong Kong and a possible solution: collaborative law – Our consultant Nicholas Hemens was interviewed by South China Morning Post (SCMP) on his views in this issue.

In his view, travel restrictions have created additional pressure to couples as being under the same roof for a long time can cause serious problems. Regarding splitting families, he pointed out that there are cases in which a parent left Hong Kong with their children when the virus hit a while ago but returning when the situation has gone worse in other countries. “That’s indicative of the type of work we’re dealing with at the moment, where one parent is starting to panic,” he commented.

The article also discussed how the use of collaborative practice can help couples to reach a solution in current circumstances with a serious delay in family court hearings – both parties and their lawyers can sit down to have a meaningful conversation around their concerns as a family and come to a resolution.

For the full SCMP article, please view in this link.

Written by:

Nicholas Hemens


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