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Hong Kong has become known as a place for ending marriages in recent years because of the booming number of divorce claims in the last decade. Many people blame the high pressure of living in this city as the catalyst for divorce, while others point to the materialistic nature of society. Regardless of the actual reason, the situation is clear, and the only real question is what people are going to do about it.

Haldanes‘ approach to matrimonial and family law practice stresses the importance of combining a comprehensive knowledge of this specialist area with a sympathetic understanding of the needs of the client. Our law firm is home to some of the most experienced divorce lawyers in Hong Kong who bring their knowledge, expertise and sympathetic guiding hands to each and every case.

We provide a broad range of advice covering all aspects of matrimonial and family law, including advice on child custody, property division, pre-nuptial agreements, liquidation of assets, reconciliation, separation, divorce, custody, wardship and child abduction.  Particularly important in Hong Kong, with its multi-national community, is our ability to provide advice to clients involved in disputes of jurisdiction.

We have also advised clients on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods and, in particular, mediation as a means to resolve matrimonial disputes.  At Haldanes, we see great value in providing clients with timely advice in relation to these practical, cost-effective and less confrontational methods of mediated settlement negotiations.  Our partners will guide you in every step of the way to protect your best interest and ensure that you can take full advantage of the process. As an extension of this practice, several of our practitioners have obtained accreditation as mediators with experience in matrimonial matters.

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