Media & Entertainment lawyers in Hong Kong

Haldanes is heavily involved in the fast-moving and rapidly developing field of media and entertainment law. The firm is widely recognized for its work in this area with awards and representation on industry bodies, both within Asia and internationally.

The firm represents clients ranging from major international record companies, and international television and film production companies, to event promoters and artists. Our range of services covers all aspects of the film, television and music industries, including but not limited to financing, production, licensing and distribution and artist and talent agreements. In addition, we act for clients engaged in sports and event promotions theatrical productions, advertising and other forms of media, and hospitality and leisure as well as advising on copyright and intellectual property matters generally.

We are fully versed in developments which are occurring in new technology and their impact upon the media and entertainment industry, advising on on-line and mobile deployment strategies and the legal issues associated therewith.

Given the sensitivity with which the media is regarded in many jurisdictions in Asia, we are experienced in addressing regulatory issues that may be relevant to this industry sector. In particular, we are familiar with the workings of the Broadcasting and Telecommunication authorities in Hong Kong and, in conjunction with our correspondent lawyers, with the State Administration of Radio Film and Television in the People’s Republic of China.

Where necessary, we can assist with contentious issues within media and entertainment law, including copyright infringement issues, contractual issues and more specialised matters which may require reference to the Copyright Tribunal in Hong Kong.

Our extensive experience in this area in various jurisdictions allows us to provide informed and practical legal advice on a wide variety of issues and also to assist our clients in taking the correct commercial decision through our knowledge of the market in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

Lawyers Who Practice This Area

Michael Leow


Weiken Yau


Anthony Leung