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China Media and Entertainment Weekly News Bulletin – ISSUE 5 Week of 1 July 2024

Jay Chou impersonator “Hei Lun” cancelled gigs due to copyright infringement allegations from the People’s Procuratorate of Cixi City.

Kindle, which achieved significant sales of over one million e-readers in China in 2018, officially ceases its services in the Chinese Market.

“Mojim Lyrics”, a popular website offering free access to global music lyrics, is no longer accessible from the net, leaving users concerned and awaiting an official response.

Baidu released Ernie 4.0 Turbo, an upgraded AI model, as an accessible tool for developers through their Qianfan AI platform.

The movie has surpassed A Guilty Conscience and become the most-watched local film in Hong Kong.

Inside Out 2 generated ticket sales of over HK$3 million during the preview on 19 June in Hong Kong.

Despite losing government funding, the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival receives continuous support from filmmaker Johnnie.

(Photo Credit: Weibo @the People’s Procuratorate of Cixi City, Zhejiang Province)

The Jay Chou impersonator known as “Hei Lun” has gained popularity throughout China. He has performed at various bars and recently embarked on a nationwide tour, attracting a full audience, despite his concert tickets being priced similarly to Jay Chou’s. However, he recently canceled his upcoming gigs in July after both Jay Chou fans and the People’s Procuratorate of Cixi City, Zhejiang Province criticized his behavior.

The People’s Procuratorate uploaded a video on its official Weibo account, in which a lawyer suggested that Hei Lun’s actions might constitute copyright infringement and infringement on Jay Chou’s voice rights. This is because Hei Lun performed for profit without obtaining permission from the original song creators. It is also possible that the bars hosting Hei Lun’s performances could be held legally responsible.

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AM730 – 山寨周杰倫取消所有演出 法院微博出片指黑倫涉侵權

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Ten years ago, Kindle entered the Chinese market and faced competition from local e-book brands. Despite the competition, it achieved significant sales of over one million e-readers in China in 2018. However, since 2022, Kindle has gradually withdrawn from the Chinese e-book market and ceased its operation in June 2023. While new e-book purchases are no longer available in China, Chinese customers who already bought e-books were able to download and read them until 30 June 2024. With effect from 30 Jun 2024, Kindle officially ceased its services in China. Similarly, the renowned travel guide publisher “Lonely Planet” ceased its publishing business in China on 26 June 2024.

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HK01 – Kindle告別在華發展10年 亞馬遜電子書店正式退出中國市場

(Photo Credit: Mojim Lyrics/ HK01)

“Mojim Lyrics” is a website launched in August 2005, which offers free access to music lyrics around the world (including Asian, European, American, Japanese, and Korean lyrics). The site has been authorized by Taiwan Music Publishers Association since 2008.

“Mojim Lyrics” always appears in the top results for lyrics search on Google. The website relies on advertising revenue. 

Recently, users were unable to access the site, leading to speculation of its closure. Users are hoping for an official response and are saddened by the possibility of the website disappearing.

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HK01 – 魔鏡歌詞網成立19年疑正式下架 竟被呢個網站成功取替

(Photo Credit: Baidu and

On 27 June 2024, the Chinese search engine giant Baidu released an upgraded version of its artificial intelligence (AI) model, Ernie 4.0 Turbo. This launch follows the release of Ernie 4 in October 2023, which Baidu claimed to be able to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 in capabilities.

The public can access Ernie 4.0 Turbo through web and mobile app interfaces. According to Wang Haifeng, the Chief Technology Officer of Baidu, developers can incorporate the technology through Baidu’s Qianfan AI platform.

Wang also mentioned that the AI chatbot Ernie Bot has reached 300 million users since its launch. In the interim, Baidu also upgraded its PaddlePaddle AI ecosystem, which is now capable of supporting 14.65 million developers and serving 370,000 businesses and institutions.

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Reuters – Baidu launches upgraded AI model, says Ernie Bot hits 300 million users

(Photo Credit: Golden Screen Cinemas)

It is reported that the film is attracting 1.59 million viewers since its premiere in 1 May and soon became the top-grossing film at HK$105 million, beating Table for Six 2 at HK$37 million.

A Guilty Conscience set viewer record in 2023 at 1.53 million viewers last year at HK$115 million.

It is reported that, according the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association, different cinema pricing strategies probably result in the unmatching number of viewers and the box office take.

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SCMP – Twilight of the Warriors delivers knockout blow to become Hong Kong’s most-watched local film ever

(Photo Credit: Pixar/ Disney)

Within just 16 days of its global release, Pixar’s Inside Out 2 has surpassed the total box office revenue of its first installment, reaching $863 million worldwide. The film is predicted to exceed $1 billion globally.

While the film’s official opening day in Hong Kong is 11 July, it has already earned over HK$3 million in ticket sales during the preview on 19 June.

In the United States, the movie has already grossed $411.8 million within 16 days, breaking the previous record set by Frozen.

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HKET – 玩轉腦朋友2丨全球票房破67億元超越首集 香港周六優先場全日票房冠軍

(Photo Credit: HK01)

The 18th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival local competition awards were held on 29 June 2024, featuring various awards e.g. the Audience Favorite Award, Best Cinematography, and the Fresh Wave Grand Prize.

Fresh Wave has supported new local filmmakers for 18 years but lost government funding in 2023. When asked about this, festival chairman Johnnie To said the funding body told them, “you can manage it yourselves”.

With the loss of funding, the number of films in the competition dropped from over 10 to just 8 this year. Despite the challenges, the 69-year-old To vowed to keep supporting Fresh Wave, saying he hopes to live until 80 to continue to support the local movie industry.

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HK01 – 鮮浪潮|不獲藝發局資助望頂到80歲 杜琪峯︰講都冇用,佢唔會改

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