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Matrimonial & Family Law


Haldanes’ multi-award-winning Matrimonial and Family Law team has earned a reputation throughout the region as one of the foremost legal teams.

Our lawyers’ approach to matrimonial and family law stresses the importance of combining a comprehensive knowledge of this specialist area with a sympathetic understanding of the client’s needs.

Highly Experienced in Divorce, Child Custody and Matrimonial Matters

Our law firm is home to some of the most experienced family and divorce lawyers in Hong Kong, who bring their knowledge, expertise and sympathetic guiding hands to each and every case.

Our family and divorce lawyers provide a broad range of advice covering all aspects of matrimonial and family law, including child custody, property division, pre-nuptial agreements, liquidation of assets, reconciliation, separation, divorce, custody, wardship and child abduction.

Their ability to advise clients involved in jurisdictional disputes is particularly important in Hong Kong, with its multi-national community.

Cost-effective Approach

Our family and divorce lawyers have also advised clients on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, particularly mediation, to resolve matrimonial disputes.

Based on their years of experience working with clients from all walks of life and in a wide range of circumstances, our lawyers see great value in providing clients with timely advice concerning these practical, cost-effective and less confrontational methods of mediated settlement negotiations.

Our sympathetic team will guide you every step of the way to protect your best interests.

As an extension of this practice, several practitioners have obtained accreditation as mediators with experience in matrimonial matters.


“They are really professional, and always focus on the big picture.”

“I am appreciative of the firm’s team and the lawyers’ ability to steer me in the right direction each time and to come up with innovative ideas to try and negotiate and tie up the case.”

“Haldanes has expert knowledge in all areas of family law. They are a first-rate firm who are excellent at advising their clients, preparing the case and navigating it through the courts.”

Elsie Liu

“She is very experienced with complicated and high-conflict divorces. She always advocates for the best interest for her clients and their children. She provides all detailed care and services to connect me to other expert professional counsels in all areas. She truly has a deep passion for her clients.”

Elsie Liu

“Elsie is very kind-hearted and very understanding. She is the one that listens and is able to give advice. I feel very comfortable when working with Elsie.”

Elsie Liu

“Came up with innovative solutions to the problems I encountered … also spent time to explain the process which other lawyers I encountered did not.”

Anita Leung

“Responsive, thoughtful.”

“Tackled the case skilfully.”

Patricia Liu

“Both on top of the details and strategically brilliant … fantastic in communicating with clients and advising them on how to get the best outcome in proceedings.”

Elaine Sum

“She understands my needs and concerns, and gives me truthful advice even if the outcome will minimise her financial gain. Elaine is very patient and good in explaining complex and legal matters in a way that is easier for me to understand.”

Elsie Liu

“Provided very detailed explanation of the case, actions need to be done and impacts. Each strategic move is well thought and planned to strive the most and of best interest for the client.”

Elsie Liu

“Haldanes has expert knowledge in all areas of family law. They are a first-rate firm who are excellent at advising their clients, preparing the case and navigating it through the courts.”

“Nicholas is well respected for his longstanding expertise in the Family and Matrimonial space. He assists clients on post-divorce financial arrangements and complex child cases. Market sources also highlight his proficiency in collaborative cases.”

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