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Criminal Defence


There is a very good reason why Haldanes wins prestigious criminal law awards year after year, making us some of the top-rated criminal defence lawyers in Hong Kong.

Firstly, it’s because our highly experienced team of lawyers is recognised as the go-to team in Hong Kong and elsewhere when you need a top criminal defence.

Secondly, it’s a result of decades of success and close ties with the legal and law enforcement community.

And thirdly, it’s because we have the largest criminal law defence team in Hong Kong, including two solicitor advocates who can appear before the High Court.

It may also be due to the range of expert criminal law services we offer.

Award-winning Criminal Defence Lawyers

Our multi-award-winning criminal defence lawyers specialise in white-collar crime from Magistrates Courts to the Court of Final Appeal.

Haldanes is a leader in antitrust and competition law, representing multi-national corporations and US- and Hong Kong-listed companies.

We can also train company staff on the legal implications of the Competition Ordinance and draft and review commercial agreements so they’re not anti-competitive.

We’ve developed a regulatory practice dealing with Securities and Futures Commission, Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Monetary Authority investigations.

We advise the international media on the National Security Law, including seminars on dawn raids, search warrants and production orders.

Expert Advice and Advocacy on Criminal Law

Our team advises global news and social media companies on investigations and dawn raids by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.

This is particularly important because of the PCPD’s extended criminal investigation powers and newly included doxxing offences.

Haldanes’ lawyers devise compliance programs for corporate clients to navigate the regulatory framework under the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance.

Our criminal law team regularly provides expert views in media interviews, seminars and talks to professional groups and students.

Haldanes has an emergency hotline, so our lawyers can offer expert legal advice whenever our clients need it.

So, contact us now and find out how we can help you get the results you need.


Jonathan Midgley

“An outstanding lawyer of excellent reputation.”

“Charismatic and masterful in steering and focusing legal teams to develop and advocate the strongest points for his clients.”

Geoffrey Booth

“A great lawyer and ADR expert”

“A very active and well-known name especially in commercial mediations.”

“One of the founders of mediation in Hong Kong.”

Felix Ng

“Besides his exceptional professionalism, Ng is compassionate, empathetic and attentive … gave me the needed trust and confidence throughout the entire process and made this unbearable investigation a lot more bearable.”

Andrew Powner

“Andrew is an excellent operator.”

“He has excellent client handling skills.”

“Andrew is calm and unruffled under pressure.”

Paul Wang

“Paul effortlessly understands the culture of multiple jurisdictions, enabling his clients to be sure they have the best representation in what may not be their home jurisdiction.”

“Paul is an experienced criminal lawyer who considers from the client’s perspective. Paul provides high-quality succinct advice to the client.”

Paul Wang

“Paul Wang was born and raised in the PRC and is a native Mandarin speaker. He is intelligent and intuitive with a positive, cheerful and outgoing personality. He provides a strong and safe link across the border for those in need of help on the other side. He is warm and caring towards even difficult clients and inspires their trust and confidence. He leads his team with good humour, but is forceful when the need arises.”

Paul Wang

“Native Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking partner Paul Wang has developed a strong reputation advising on complex commercial criminal matters often involving a significant nexus to the mainland, where he is appreciated for his ability to provide clear and pragmatic advice.”

Paul Wang

“Paul Wang is highly recommended by market observers for his intelligent understanding of clients’ cases and ability to effortlessly straddle the cultures of PRC and Hong Kong.”

Paul Wang

Paul Wang is a long-standing fixture in the market and receives extensive praise from market commentators who describe him as “a great strategist and one of the top criminal solicitor in town”

Felix Ng

“Felix Ng is the partner leading the competition practice at Haldanes. With his unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in both criminal and competition law, he is in pole position to deliver quality advice and effective results. Felix is razor-sharp and will leave no stone unturned to achieve the best results for the client and the case. He is incisive, practical, strategic and commercial. He picks up on issues quickly, is highly responsive and is always a pleasure to work with. His client skills are second-to-none… a smooth operator.”

“Top-notch white-collar crime lawyers who are technically sound and exceptionally good at assembling high-calibre legal and expert teams comprising barristers, forensic accountants, e-discovery specialists and other experts. Haldanes provides practical and considered advice, often achieving the best outcomes for their clients.”

Felix Ng

“Felix Ng is singled out as a ‘highly professional and extraordinarily capable’ white-collar crime lawyer”

Felix Ng

“Felix Ng boasts a stellar reputation in the Asian legal market and, according to sources, leaves no stone unturned in preparing his client’s defence”

Felix Ng

“Besides his exceptional professionalism, Felix is compassionate, empathetic and attentive…gave me the needed trust and confidence throughout the entire process and made this unbearable investigation a lot more bearable”

Felix Ng

“Felix is held in high regard for his top-tier business crime defence practice advising domestic and international financial institutions and corporations in complex white collar crime and securities matters”

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